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Human After All

The team behind the robots


It all started when…

Between us, we have more than 40 years of Jira experience. We like to think that makes us wise rather than old.

Because Automation for Jira allows the robots do the heavy lifting in Jira, we can spend time talking to our customers every day.  Let us introduce you to the team.   

Automation for Jira - Andreas Knecht -  photo

Andreas Knecht


Andreas spent 10 years with Atlassian where he lived and breathed Jira. When not writing code or having his bike stolen, he enjoys rock climbing around Australia.

Nick Menere Automation for Jira headshot

Nick Menere


Nick was an early member at Atlassian and was part of the team that brought Jira into this world. Nick's dream is to own his own pub. Nick's colleague's dream is for Nick to own a pub.

Mark Chaimungkalanont - Automation for Jira - photo

Mark 'Chai' Chaimungkalanont

Chai joined Atlassian in 2004 when it was a 15 person startup and helped build the foundational pieces of Jira you know and love today. Chai's passion for food knows no bounds. There are few animals who have escaped his palate.

Scott Harwood - Automation for Jira headshot

Scott Harwood Engineer

Scott was Jira's first Javascript developer and was part of the initial team that brought you Jira Service Desk. His passions in order of preference are; surfing, going on surf trips and looking at surf conditions online.

Simeon Ross - Automation for Jira - Photo

Simeon Ross Developer

Simeon hasn't worked at Atlassian. He has, however, worked in government, payments, real estate and law amongst others. Java has been his weapon of choice for a while now though the JavaScript space is calling. Simeon enjoys fighting bush fires and exploring Australia's deserts.

John McKiernan Automation for Jira headshot

John McKiernan Marketing & BDM

John was the first non-Atlassian and non-developer brought into the team. He was brought in to do "all the marketing stuff" so everyone else could write lovely code. John can't use chopsticks and runs a side business called Romance Outsourced - which sounds dodgier than it is.

What we stand for

We are proud members of Pledge 1% meaning we donate 1% of product, 1% of equity, 1% of profit & 1% of employee time to a cause we believe in. We are big supporters of the work that Room to Read does. Recently we helped build 2 badly new libraries in Vietnam. It’s a nice story! We also partnered with Kiva to match all donations to female entrepreneurs for International Women’s Day.

While we get our kicks out of automating the heck out of Jira, we also strongly believe in a good work-life balance. We work a 4 day week for a 5 day pay cheque. If you haven't tried it, we strongly recommend it :) 




We are an Atlassian Gold Top Vendor, winner of CodeGeist 'Best IT Team Add-on' in 2016 & Fastest Growing Server App in 2017. We also came second in the egg and spoon race in 2018.


Nice things people say


Despite Andreas' slightly scary stare (pictured left), the Australian Newspaper were kind enough to feature us in this 'Sons of Atlassian' article, along with our Marketplace pals Easy Agile. 

We have also had great support from media, partners, bloggers and customers around the world including: